About JunknGo

Junk N Go is a professional junk removal service that you can trust. We are based here in Kelowna, BC, and our services are available to both residential and commercial property owners throughout Okanagan Valley.

Our commitment to perfection

Our team at Junk N Go is always looking forward to offering the best possible junk removal services for people in need. We strive to help our customers with their junk removal needs at a personal level. You can let us know about all your specific junk removal needs, and we are there to take care of everything. Upon understanding your needs, we will customize the junk removal services we offer so that you can end up getting maximum returns at the end of the day.

Hassle-free junk removal

Anyone who is searching for a hassle-free junk removal service can connect with us. You can schedule your junk removal appointment at any convenient time. On the scheduled date and time, we will come to your location and offer assistance with removing junk.

We value your precious time when offering our junk removal services. One of our team members will give you a call around 20 to 30 minutes before the appointment. Then you can be ready to welcome our team and provide direction to them with removing junk. You just need to make sure that your residential or commercial property is accessible and point out the junk that you want to be removed. Then our team will start offering hassle-free junk removal services.

Get a no-obligation estimate

Before getting the junk removal services, we provide you with a no-obligation estimate to help you in making an informed decision. We guarantee that no hidden expenses are associated with the junk removal services we offer, you can be confident that you can get rid of your junk without encountering any surprises.

We can even provide you with an approximate estimate before coming to your property. To do so we will need you to provide detailed information about the junk that you want us to remove, along with some photos. Then we will calculate the cost and let you know.

We specialize in junk removal

Our team at Junk N Go specializes in removing the junk that you cannot get rid of on your own. Our teams are highly skilled in furniture removal and estate move-outs. We are also aware of how junk removal can be sensitive for seniors and loved ones. That is why we provide professional and respectful assistance with removing junk and final cleanup.

We are concerned about the environment as well

We are an environmentally conscious junk removal company. Upon collecting junk, we will sort and recycle or donate them whenever possible. The main objective of sorting is to minimize junk that ends up in landfills. We also provide assistance for less fortunate people with getting what they want. Just take a look at our services and seek our assistance for all your junk removal needs!